Aspiring Author: Here’s Your Invitation!

Last weekend I was going through photos from my book tour five years ago…what memories! I had about a dozen book signings across the country, television appearances, radio interviews, newspaper articles and speaking engagements. It was amazing, and I met some incredible people along the way!

And it got me thinking about all the work I did to ensure my book was a success. Nine months before its release, I started working on my plan. There’s no way I would have had a book tour (complete with a hotel sponsor!), television appearances, speaking gigs or any of the rest if I hadn’t built a solid plan and started my outreach in advance.

And yet, very few of my entrepreneur friends who write books spend any real amount of time on their marketing plan. Sure, they email their lists and post on social, but they often come to me a month – or even a week! – before their publication date asking how I can help get publicity for the book.

And the sad news is…I can’t. Not with that little time.

It’s FAR easier to get publicity for a book before its release than after.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical to start building your plan 6-9 months out, 3 months at a BARE MINIMUM.

Done correctly, your book can pay dividends for YEARS – maybe even the rest of your career. I still make 10s of thousands of dollars every year from paid speaking gigs that come from my book…and it’s been out FIVE years!!

So, if you have a book coming out in 2019, I have an offer for you that can’t be passed up…

Join me in Savannah in late February to build out a *complete* book marketing plan.

You’ll leave with an individualized plan for your book, including a timeline leading up to your launch. You’ll also receive instruction on how to find free publicity opportunities for your book and templates and swipe copy for your pitches. If you plan to have affiliates or ambassadors, we also have plans and swipe copy for that to share!

You’ll have a private room in a gorgeous historic mansion in Savannah, and all food, beverages and activities are covered in the package. All you have to do is show up with your laptop and your book idea, and we’ll make sure you leave with everything you need to make your book a success!

Who’s in? More details and application here.


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