Is *this* holding you back from pitching?

When clients come to work with me, there’s usually one main reason they haven’t been pitching themselves for publicity: they don’t think they’re enough.

They haven’t been in business long enough…
They don’t have enough degrees…
They haven’t made enough money…
They don’t know enough…

And it’s all complete bullsh*t.

You only need three things to get publicity:

1. You need to know WHO you serve.
2. You need to know WHAT you can do for them.
3. You need at least one service to offer them.

That’s it.

It’s all about the value you bring to the table. The ONLY question you need to answer for them in a pitch to get them to say yes is this…

What will the audience walk away with?

What will they know how to do or be inspired to do?

That’s it.

Can you think of even just ONE thing you could teach someone based on your own experience (personal or professional)?

Then not only are you ready for publicity…you can land it! And when you get that public stage to share your message, you can change people’s lives.

So, let’s hear it…what can you teach someone right now??

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