Who should you send your pitch to?

I often say that the only thing standing between you and free publicity is your willingness to send an email.

On the surface, sending an email might not seem difficult, but it holds so many people back from getting the publicity they want.

One obstacle is that you might not know who to send the email to.

Here’s a tip: search for submission guidelines for guest blogs and podcasts on their website. For speaking opportunities, look for contact details for an event organizer. Often if you search for who to contact, you’ll find the information you need!

Still can’t find who to contact? Submit a contact form or give it your best guess on who to send the email to. I’ve sent emails to the wrong person before, both for myself and for clients. And guess what? If you have structured the pitch in such a way that you’re making your value obvious, even if the person opening your email isn’t the person to contact, they’ll get it in the right person’s hands.

So I encourage you to be willing to send that email this week! Comment below and let us know – what opportunity or publication are you committing to pitching to this week?

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