3 Tips for Guest Blogging

I talk to so many entrepreneurs who are interested in writing guest blogs but don’t know where to start.

I’m a contributor for Forbes and Entrepreneur and have written for Glamour, Men’s Health, Woman’s Day, Parents and more. Plus, I’ve placed clients at dozens of publications over the years!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

💥Search the name of the publication you want to write for and “contributor guidelines” or “submission guidelines” in Google. Nearly every outlet has their submission guidelines clearly outlined on their site these days.

💥You’ll probably find around 50% of the guidelines say you can send a pitch vs. 50% saying they want a full draft to review. If it says you can send a pitch, you should send a suggested headline (check out how they format their headlines first and mimic that) and a brief outline of what the piece will cover.

💥Remember: the editor cares first and foremost about the value you’re going to provide for their readers. So, lead with why the topic is important, and then you can follow with a little info about why you’re the person to write it.

So, let’s hear it…where do you want to guest blog and what about? (If I’ve placed a client with the outlet, I’ll give you some insider tips!)

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