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8 Ways to Pitch Like a Pro: Lessons from 2,000 Journalists

8 Ways to Pitch Like a Pro: Lessons from 2,000 Journalists

Guide My Brand can serve as a bridge between your brand and journalists. How, when and what we communicate plays a key role in securing valuable media coverage and spreading your message broadly.

To maximize success, we use a mix of data-driven insights and our decades of experience. One of the reports we like to read each year is Muck Rack’s State of Journalism.

In this post, we’ve got eight ways journalists like to be pitched. These insights are like your roadmap to pitching success, whether you’re a PR pro or a brand looking to get noticed.

Many journalists hate the lack of relevant pitches

“Year after year, journalists say the same thing: pitches get rejected if they aren’t personalized or come at a bad time,” according to Muck Rack. 

92% of journalists prefer to be pitched via 1:1 email

That’s why the Guide My Brand team focuses on personal pitches. We research journalists and outlets that publish stories in your niche and in line with your expertise. Having the right engaged audience truly matters. 

We were blown away when a client recently said she got 1,000 new Instagram followers and about 50 book sales from just one high-profile, highly relevant podcast interview.

Pitch earlier in the week

55% of journalists don’t care which day they’re pitched. Of those that do, 21% prefer to be pitched on a Monday. We tend to send out most pitches on Mondays and Tuesdays, with some going out Wednesday as needed. Friday and weekend pitches can easily be overlooked.

Pitch in the morning

About 60% of journalists surveyed by Muck Rack want to receive pitches before noon. It’s easy to schedule emails.

Follow up once

About half of journalists say one follow-up is ideal, and half say it should come within 3-7 days. You should wait even longer to follow up on evergreen pitches. Sending a second email to a podcast host a couple of weeks later on a different day and at a different time can mean it lands in their inbox at a better time. Guide My Brand has found following up on podcasts is incredibly important to land more interviews.

Focus on connections to trending stories

About 70% of journalists say pitches that connect to a trending story are the most shareable. What headlines get you talking, and how can you add your voice as well as valuable context and perspective?

Keep it short

How many emails do you get in a day? Most journalists get up to 5 pitches a day. Focus on what you’re offering and what’s important, with a clear subject line and captivating opening sentences. Make your emails scannable to make it easy for a journalist to say “yes!”


Be optimistic! Your pitch can really add value to the journalist and their audience. 55% of journalists say one in four of their stories start with a pitch, while about 30% say at least half of their stories do.

This is a lot to keep in mind! If you want more support or if you’re simply running out of bandwidth to grow your business and handle your PR, Guide My Brand is always here to help with author publicity services and PR for entrepreneurs. It’s easy to book a free discovery call to learn how we can help you reach your goals.