Book Launch: An Inside Look at a Client Launch

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I always recommend planning for your book launch at least 90 days in advance.

Last week was the official book launch for one of our clients, and she started working with us almost 6 months ago. I know it can feel confusing to plan for a book launch, so I wanted to pull back the curtain to show you behind the scenes of exactly what we did to help this client position herself as a thought leader in her industry, land publicity to create buzz around her book, and set herself up to maximize her book sales.

Check out this livestream I did in my Facebook group sharing an inside look at everything we’ve done for this author client.

Here’s what I share:

  • why it’s essential to start planning your book launch months in advance
  • how to build your momentum early to create buzz around your book before it comes out
  • a month-by-month breakdown of what we did for this client leading up to the book launch to maximize her results

If you are writing a book (or have plans to), this is a must-listen. Watch the replay here.

Kristi Dosh
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