Don’t make *this* mistake with your book marketing

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We all know that writing a book takes A LOT of time and energy. So if you are going to take the time and the energy to write a book, you also need to take the time and energy to be strategic about getting your book in front of more people, increasing your sales, and impacting more people with your book.

The #1 thing mistake I see authors make is that they’re not talking about their book enough BEFORE it comes out!

Marketing A Book The Right Way

You need to eat, sleep, breathe this book from the day that you decide to write it until the day that the book actually comes out.

For years before my first book came out, I used the title Kristi Dosh, author of the forthcoming book, “Saturday Millionaires.” YEARS, you guys.

People knew for quite some time that the book was coming because I had been telling people about it, sharing excerpts I had approved with my publisher, and talking about it on social media. I did dozens, maybe even hundreds of interviews, TV appearances, and speaking engagements in the two years from when I started writing my book until the day it came out.

The result of all of this effort?

I had national attention for my book. Five years later, it is still used in college classrooms across the country, and I still get paid to speak on my book.

Are you writing a book? Where are you at in the process, and what are you doing to promote it before it comes out?

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Vicky Lynch
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