The Best Strategy for Book Publicity

book publicity

If you’re in the process of writing a book, there’s something important I want you to know…

You don’t have to wait until your book is published to get publicity opportunities!

I did dozens, maybe even hundreds of interviews, TV appearances, and speaking engagements in the two years from when I started writing my book until the day it came out.

As soon as I knew the title of my book, they were titling me as “Kristi Dosh, author of the forthcoming book Saturday Millionaires: How Winning Football Builds Winning Colleges.” At least six months before my publication date, I had the URL for my book title and had set up a landing page with more information about the book and a signup for my newsletter list. Then I started getting links to that URL when people talked about it online or used it in my title. This meant great name recognition and SEO for my book before it was even released!

Prior to my release date, I was quoted the New York Times and in the Washington Post. An entire feature was done on my book in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I was quoted in dozens of newspapers across the country. I was doing radio interviews, podcast interviews, TV appearances, speaking gigs all by putting myself out there as the *future* author of a book.

I was able to gain momentum for the book long before it even came to fruition, and once it was finally published, there were already a ton of people willing and ready to buy it.

You should have a strategy in place for book publicity long before you publish!

If you’re writing a book, start talking about it early and often. I promise you, you’ll get more opportunities and see more sales – which ultimately helps you impact more people with your book.

I’m curious – what is your book about? How can you start talking about it NOW, even if you’re still writing it?

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Vicky Lynch
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