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Social Media – An Author Platform

We’ve worked with countless authors over the years, and every single one has had the same struggle:

They know that they should be talking about their book on social media… but they aren’t doing it.

They get paralyzed because they don’t know what to say, when, how often, or which graphics to use. Plus, there are a million other things that require your attention during a book launch, so social media is often the first thing that gets pushed to the back burner.

I promise, it doesn’t have to be that complicated or stressful — but it does require planning!

The truth is that social media will be a huge source of sales because the people currently in your audience are the most likely to buy your book. It’s essential that you start building buzz around your book at least 90 days before your launch date (but ideally, you start talking about it as soon as you know it’s coming out!).

If you’re writing a book or if you have a book coming out, make sure you watch this video. I share all about why social media is one of the most important book marketing tasks you can do, why it’s essential to start making a plan way in advance, and my best tips on what to say to maximize your book sales without feeling like you’re constantly promoting your pre-sale offers.

In the video I mention that I shared an example of a full 90-day social media calendar inside our group PR program, From the Shadows to the Spotlight. Want a sneak peek of it? Just 
click here. It was created for a client with a book on empathy, but hopefully it will serve as inspiration for you to create your own 90 day plan for your book!

If you are writing a book, you don’t need to be a publicist (or working with a top publishing house) to create massive buzz for your launch. You just need to follow my book marketing checklist and learn the secret to promoting your book like a pro. These “must do” marketing activities are designed to help you sell more books AND set your biz up to land more paying clients, book speaking gigs, and opportunities for years to come! Click here to download it for free!

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