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Last year I did something a little informal on my personal Facebook page and created a poll for my author-entrepreneur friends, those who both run a business and have written and published a book. I asked: Do you feel like your book has done something for your business? In other words, has your book made an impact on your business? 

Through this informal, fun poll, I received 70 responses. Of those 70 responses, only ONE PERSON felt like their book had impacted their business. Just one! And, frankly, I don’t think that’s good enough. Not even close. And it shouldn’t be good enough for you either. 

Will your book impact your business?

So, I did a little digging and the reason I think that only one out of these 70 authors said they’re book impacted their biz is because (1) marketing is not taken seriously enough and (2) marketing is not started soon enough. 

In today’s world, it’s relatively easy to get published thanks to self publishing. And I think that’s great. But, when we do opt for self publishing, we tend to feel this rush to write and publish our book and cross it off the list and get it out there…. That we tend to forget about making the book actually WORK for us. We tend to forget about publicizing it.  

And the thing is… if you want your book to keep paying you for YEARS… if you want to take on speaking gigs month after month thanks to this very same book… then you need to start marketing AT LEAST 3 months in advance. I’m curious to keep the poll going: Has your book impacted your business? If you’re writing one in 2020, have you started marketing and publicizing yet? 

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