How To Get Publicity With A Book Signing Or Author Event

How To Get Publicity With A Book Signing Or Author Event

written by Julie Parise

At Guide My Brand, we represent a lot of authors who are looking for creative ways trying to stir up book publicity. What’s better for book publicity than a book signing, reading or event? With the return of in-person gatherings, a book event is a great way to spread the word about your new book and create some buzz. 

Book Signing Publicity Advice and Ideas 

Putting together and hosting the event is one thing, but that’s all for nothing if you don’t have some great event coverage — whether you’re getting featured on TV, radio or in print.

When clients come to us with help promoting an event, here’s the advice we give them. 

Plan ahead 

The same way you wouldn’t be able to plan and host an event on short notice, the media likely won’t be able to cover it on short notice. Send a press release about a week in advance. Give journalists notice, then follow up with them 24-48 hours before the book signing or publicity event takes place. One follow-up is fine. 

Make it easy for the media

Send a press release to writers, television producers, radio stations, etc. Include in bold letters the who/what/where/when of the event, your contact information, and bullet points about your book and what the signing will include. Also, consider adding a quote or two in the press release. Sometimes, if a journalist can’t make it to the event, they can still put an article together with the written quotes. 

Go the extra mile to make it easier for press who want to attend. If a journalist can’t make your event at the exact time, offer to do an interview at a time that’s convenient for them, or to do the interview via phone, Zoom or email.  

Remember that all press is good press

Don’t blow off an interview request. Even if you think they’re “just a blogger” or that the outlet they represent is “too small.” Unless a journalist is outright rude to you, give them a few minutes to speak with you. No interview is a waste of time. You never know if they have an audience who perfectly fits your niche, or who follows their work. 

Plus, you never know if making a connection with them could lead to more publicity down the line, when that blogger or small-outlet reporter moves up in the business. 

Keep the buzz going on social media

Don’t let your book signing or author publicity event be a one-time event. Take pictures and video at the book signing. Share the photos and video on social media again in the future. Don’t worry if you think your followers will recognize that it’s from a few weeks or months ago. You can change up the captions to include new advice, thoughts or ideas. The same goes for any event coverage. You can still share it after the event is over. It might just get people excited for future events.

Are you planning an event or do you want to learn more about the process? Book a free discovery call with us at Guide My Brand for help getting started!

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