The #1 thing every author needs to know about book marketing

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If you have a book coming out within the next few weeks, or if you’ve already written one, you might have a hard time with what I’m about to say, but I want every author (or aspiring author) to know this:

It is infinitely harder to get publicity the day after your book comes out.

Having worked on a number of book campaigns for clients and having written a few books myself, I can tell you that it is 100x easier to get publicity for your book BEFORE the book comes out. It starts getting harder literally the day after. 

And what I mean by that is… The day after your book comes out, it is more difficult to convince a writer or an editor or a producer that your book is timely and that you should be on TV or booked for a podcast interview or anything else. 

Start marketing your book BEFORE it comes out!

It is not enough to write your book. 

It is not enough to publish your book.

It is not enough to start marketing after the book comes out.

And, frankly, making a book available on Amazon is not a strategy for having it impact your business. You have to plan for marketing. And my recommendation? Start now. Give yourself at least three months to market your book before it launches. If you are looking for more ideas for marketing your book, have a look at this article.

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