My 5 best tips for aspiring authors

If you’re an author, or aspiring to be one, this is for you.

I’ve written two books myself, including one that landed me a HUGE advance from a big NY publishing company. I’ve also worked with dozens of authors, including self-published, independently-published and commercially-published authors.

And regardless of the publisher, *all* of these authors had one thing in common.

1. Now isn’t the time to cheap out ?

I get it…you’re not made of money. Neither am I. However, if you truly want your book to be your calling card or help you impact more lives, then now is *not* the time to cheap out!

One of my recent lives was inspired by an author I heard on a podcast who made an *excellent* point about how authors tend to look around for the cheapest cover design, cheapest publication option, cheapest editor, etc. Yeah, we see you over there searching for random service providers on Fiverr hoping for a deal! ?

Here’s why that’s one of THE WORST mistakes you could make >> watch to learn:

2. The very biggest mistake every author makes is actually easy to avoid

How am I so sure? Because I’ve only worked with *one* author in all my years who didn’t make this mistake. And I’m pretty sure it was because she’d written multiple books before the one we worked on, so she’d already learned her lesson.

What am I talking about? Check out this livestream:

3. Curious what a traditional book deal looks like?

I posted the timeline from my last book so you can see what it takes from idea to getting a literary agent to landing a book deal to actually holding the book in your hands. Spoiler alert: it took three years! ⏳

There are advantages to traditional commercial publishing in terms of distribution and media opportunities – and disadvantages, like the typical timeline. It really boils down to your goals for the book.

4. I’m proof patience and a targeted marketing plan work

My last book came out five years ago, and I still make money on it regularly. I don’t know many authors who can say that. ?

I’m still regularly booked for speaking and consulting based on my last book. It became the ultimate calling card. In fact, I don’t even talk about it anymore, and I still get business from it all the time.

I attribute this to the vast amount of time and resources I put into marketing it before the release. It’s not something you can go back and course correct later. You *must* put your plan together and start implementing it *months* before your release date. Preferably at least six months out.

I know, I know. You don’t want to wait. But ask yourself this: do you want a book that people care about for a week when it first comes out or a book that’s still paying dividends five years (or more) later?

Go back to #2 and watch the video if you haven’t already.

5. Sample book marketing timelines

Alright, you’re committed, I’ve convinced you…you’re going to put in the time to develop a solid marketing plan for your book. But…you have no idea where to start!

Well, you’re in luck. I’m in the process of adding a brand new module to my group program, From the Shadows to the Spotlight, all about book marketing. And inside that module are 90-day, 120-day and 180-day book marketing plans. I’m also adding info on how to make bestseller lists, swipe copy for book ambassadors and more!

Want to make sure your book lands in as many hands as possible and sets your biz up for months and even YEARS of book-related sales, success, and opportunities? Get The Complete Guide to Sharing, Selling, and Promoting Your Book with the EXACT timeline + strategy needed to generate massive sales from your book. Grab your copy here.

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