How writing a book can grow your business

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We work with a lot of entrepreneurs who want to write a book as a way to grow their business, generate leads, and build credibility.

For their first book, a lot of people gravitate toward wanting to write a memoir-style book – sharing their personal story or unique journey that other people can learn from.

While I’m all about sharing your personal story, this *might* not always be the best strategy for entrepreneurs looking to have their book support them in growing their business. 

So I did a livestream in my Facebook group to share what you need to know about writing a book if you’re looking to use it as a way to generate leads in your business. 

Here’s what I share: 

  • why writing a book about your personal journey might not be the best strategy for lead generation for your business
  • the questions you want to ask to figure out what your goal is for your book (and how this will help you determine what type of book to write)
  • the best type of book to write if you’re primarily focused on having your book generate leads for your business (and why it’s the most strategic choice)


If you really want your book to make an impact on your business, have a look at this article for my best advice.

Watch the replay here.

Are you planning on writing a book (or in the middle of writing it now)? Let me know what you’re working on! If you want someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m here to help. 

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