How to know if a book will actually help your business

your book helping your business

When you’re writing a book, you’re not just doing it to say you’ve written a book. You’re not only interested in getting your message into the hands of more people. You don’t only want to make money from immediate book sales or advances. 

When you’re taking the time and energy to pour your heart into a project like this, you want it to pay you back TENFOLD… for years and years to come.

You want this book to continue helping your business in all sorts of ways.

You want to set yourself up for paid speaking gigs.

You want to better position yourself as a consultant or coach.

You want to leverage your first book into a second.

Whatever it is, you want to make sure your book is working for YOU for a very long time.

I recently did a livestream to talk more in depth about this. In it, here’s what I share:

  • (1:50) Out of 70 entrepreneurs, *this* many felt like writing a book impacted their biz
  • (2:37) Why a book may NOT end up helping your business
  • (3:40) The downside to self-publishing and its accessibility
  • (5:10) When it’s easy to get book publicity & the exact day it becomes infinitely harder
  • (6:45) The timeline for getting my last book published traditionally
  • (7:15) How my most recent book still makes money 5 YEARS later
  • (8:00) If you are writing and publishing a book, this is the *bare minimum* to do
  • (10:06) When to pitch if you want to promote your book in print magazine
  • (10:56) What EXACTLY lands authors on the bestsellers list
  • (14:52) An intimate author’s retreat to schedule and plan for YOUR book publicity
  • (16:50) I strongly encourage you to do this if you’re writing a book this year


Watch the replay above, then comment below to let me know – are you writing a book in 2019? When do you plan to start marketing for it?

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Vicky Lynch
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