How To Build your platform like a big-name expert

Consistency is key.

No doubt, that’s not the first time you’ve ever heard that phrase – but, at the risk of being cliche – I want to reiterate it.

Nearly every prospective client I speak to on the phone tells me they want to be the next Mel Robbins or Tony Robbins or Gary V or Gabby Bernstein or some other big-name expert. They don’t usually mean they want to copy everything about that person, just that they want a huge platform like those folks.

So, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought.

If you want to build a huge platform, where do you start?


1. Nothing else matters if you aren’t consistent

It’s all about being consistent. Consistency in your message and consistency in your visibility. Some people have one, some people have the other – very few people have both, and even when they do it’s usually only for short bursts.

Back in 2011, I saw firsthand what it did for me when I started consistently writing about the business of college football. I had been blogging for years, but when I made that shift and niched down and started blogging 4-6x each week I saw results fast. I got a book deal from a big NY publisher six months later with a hefty advance and then got hired away from my law practice by ESPN weeks later.

2. *This* is what your personal brand is right now

I decided to practice what I preach and start being more consistent myself this week. I went live three days this week on Facebook and Instagram, and I tried to focus around one topic (personal branding).

Have no idea what your personal brand is right now? Start with this video:

3. How to build your platform like a big-name expert

In my next live, I dug into what every big-name expert is doing that you can emulate. Watch it here:

4. Thank you, Mel Robbins

Then, as if she had seen my Live, Mel Robbins made my point for me. She announced her new television show just hours after my Live and included some details in the post about how she got started. 

Thank you, Mel, for making my point.

5. Now what?

By the time you watch and read through everything here, I hope I’ve convinced you to start intentionally building your personal brand.

But, what if you have no idea who you are? What if you have no idea what to start posting on social or what you could do a Live on?

Here’s some great advice from Russell Brunson I find myself sending to clients all the time:

“Years ago, as I was trying to understand what my mission was and where I fit into my ecosystems, I set out on a journey to discover my voice. I started doing a podcast almost every day. I was publishing videos on Facebook live and Periscope every day — even when NO ONE was listening. It’s important to understand that when you first start, you are not posting these for your audience — you are posting them for you. Eventually people will start to follow, but initially it’s so you can discover your own voice.” – Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets

If you haven’t read Expert Secrets, I highly recommend it. You can grab it here for free (+ shipping) >> Expert Secrets book

Remember, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if no one knows you do it!

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