How to Be Known as an Expert in Your Field

expert in your field

Want to be known as an expert in your field?

Want to be known for something? Get clear on what your message is… and stay on message in everything you do. Including commenting and engaging in Facebook groups! This is the one of the fastest ways to stand out as an expert in your field.

This is an area where my publicity clients struggle most.

YES, it’s essential to provide value to people… as long as it’s within an area that you want to be known for.

I get it. You want to be helpful and chime in if someone asks a question that you know the answer to. But it actually could be harmful to your bottom line if you answer questions in threads that have nothing to do with your area of expertise. When you chime in on a wide range of topics, no one will know what you do or what your brand is.

Stay On Brand

For example, I once saw a Facebook thread asking about forming an LLC. I used to be a corporate attorney, so I knew the answer… but it’s not part of my brand. I don’t want to confuse my audience or have people thinking that I’m the go-to person for legal advice. I want to be known for being an expert on personal branding and publicity, so I need to focus on answering questions that are about things like booking yourself on podcast interviews or landing guest blogs with big publications.

Instead of answering in the thread about the LLC, I tagged an attorney in the group so that they could respond. That way I’m still being helpful WHILE staying on brand.

So when you’re in groups answering questions in threads, keep in mind to always stay on message as you provide value!

What are your thoughts on this? What questions do you have around staying on brand?

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