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client book launch

An Inside Look at a Client Book Launch

Author Client Book Launch If you've been following me for a while, you know that I always recommend planning for your book launch at least 90 days in advance. Last week was the official book launch for one of our clients, and she started working with us almost 6...

leverage PR

How to Leverage PR to Grow Your Business

Have you landed podcast interviews, guest blogs, etc. and then felt like they did nothing for your business? Garnering publicity for publicity's sake isn't how you grow your business. It's about SO much more than simply landing the opportunities and then sharing each one on social media...

planning your publicity

How to land Your Book on a bestseller List

Start Planning Your Publicity Now If you’re writing a book, start planning your publicity opportunities at least 90 days in advance. Ideally you want your interviews and features to come out during your book launch week - that’s your best opportunity to land on a bestseller list. If...

visibility strategies

The 2 biggest mistakes when seeking publicity

Setting your visibility strategies It isn't enough to be visible for your business . . . you have to be visible in the right places for the right topics. Most clients who come to me have already tried some form of publicity - public speaking, guest blogging,...