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visibility strategies

The 2 biggest mistakes when seeking publicity

Setting your visibility strategies It isn't enough to be visible for your business . . . you have to be visible in the right places for the right topics. Most clients who come to me have already tried some form of publicity - public speaking, guest blogging,...

recognized expert

My #1 advice when it comes to PR strategy

Becoming a recognized expert Back in June, my client Kate Bee of The Sober School was featured by Better Homes & Gardens magazine! And there's a big lesson here about PR… We pitched this writer January 3rd…. FIVE months before she was featured! And even though we followed...

get quoted

How to get quoted by the media

Want to get Quoted? Ever read an article and wonder how the people quoted wound up in the story? There are several possibilities - the reporter found their blog, follows them on social media, read their book or study or got pitched by them or their...

book launch strategy

What a book launch strategy really looks like

Book launch strategy in action Our client Maria's newest book The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success comes out October 22nd. That's almost a full three months away, yet we've been working on the marketing and publicity for months now. This...

three things to get publicity, ready for publicity, publicity mistakes

The top 3 things you need to get publicity

When clients come to work with me, there's usually one main reason they haven't been pitching themselves for publicity: they don't think they're enough. They haven't been in business long enough…They don't have enough degrees…They haven't made enough money…They don't know enough… And it's all complete bullsh*t. You...