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expert status

how to step into your expert status

Your expert status I recently joined the “Soul Fueled CEO” podcast with Amber Lilyestrom to talk about how establishing myself as an expert allowed me to leave my career as a corporate attorney behind and how you can step into your expert status and grow your...


How I Landed a Client on Entrepreneur

Is it your dream to one day see your work on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company or other major online publications? If so, I've got an easy strategy you can steal that will have you writing for the outlet of your dreams in no time! Last week, I...

tv appearances

How to Pitch Yourself for TV Appearances

Many of my clients are interested in landing TV appearances when they start working with me. However, I often find that the types of things they want to go on TV and discuss don't necessarily fit with the shows they've mentioned as targets. If you've decided to pitch...

declare yourself an expert

When to declare yourself an expert

Call yourself an expert already Recently, I shared my tips for becoming a go-to expert in your field. That piece was inspired by a panel I was on at the Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum entitled “Game Changers: Career-Defining Moments.” I was the youngest person on the panel...