Book Signing Advice for Nonfiction Authors

Do you have a physical book? If so, you’ve probably thought about doing a book signing somewhere like Barnes & Noble. My first book was published in 2013, and my very first book signing was at a local B&N. In fact, I did several B&N signings the first few months my book was out.

As exciting as it was to be able to do a book signings at a major bookstore like so many of the authors I admire, those signings weren’t the most successful ones I had…

My book was on the business of college football, so I decided to hit the road and do a signing at a different college football game every weekend that season. Some were in campus bookstores on gameday, while others were in more prominent tailgating locations. And those signings were incredible!

So, get creative with your book signings. Ask yourself: where are my readers?

For example, I once had client with a dessert cookbook. We didn’t even call any major bookstores for her! Instead, we called places like Williams-Sonoma and other cooking stores where she could do both a demonstration and a signing. (P.S. Williams-Sonoma said yes!!)

If people are coming to a college football game, they’re far more likely to be interested in my book. If they’re coming into a store full of cookware, they’re more likely to be interested in my client’s book.

Go where your readers are!

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