Here’s Why You Should Schedule a Discovery Call With Us

Here’s Why You Should Schedule a Discovery Call With Us

written by Vicky Lynch

We are always excited to jump on a discovery call with potential clients. I love to hear about your story, your goals and what you are promoting. There’s no substitute for hearing what you are looking for in your own words. As publicists, everything you share about your business or book sparks new ideas for us on angles we’d pursue and outlets we think might be a great fit. 

That said, I understand why people can be hesitant to schedule a call. Personally, when I’m considering a large purchase or an investment in my business,  I’m huge on doing my own research first. I’ll troll around the internet, looking for information and deals and anything else I can gather from company websites and social media. Sometimes you want the information without having to talk to an actual person.

However, when it comes to a service like publicity, not all publicists and firms are created equal. And a firm that might be an incredible fit for a friend of yours might not work at all to reach your PR goals.  

Here’s 4 Reasons to Book a Discovery Call With Us

1) It’s the only way to know if personalities mesh well together

You can learn a lot about the outlets we’ve booked for previous clients and what our results look like. But, you can’t get a reading on the actual personality dynamics of working together without scheduling a meeting. You can really tell so much about a person from talking to them. And with video calls being king, you can also really read someone from their body language. 

It really comes down to, what is your gut feeling about a person when you are talking to them. Do they seem like someone you’d like to interact with on a daily basis? Believe me, this detail is important.

2) It will set expectations for working together and achieving your goals

On a discovery call, I always tell the prospective client what to expect. We explain what happens at the contract stage, at campaign kick-off and the logistics going forward. What’s more, I can answer any questions you might have that we didn’t anticipate. 

Hiring a publicity firm is an investment of time and money. It’s important to make sure that your goals align with how we work, and the types of publicity we think we can secure for you. Getting on the same page early on minimizes any surprises that could pop up later. 

3) It’s the best way to understand pricing options

At Guide My Brand, we have a standard retainer that about 95% of our clients choose. It’s simply the package that we feel offers the best value and best serves our clients. However, we do have add-on services that better fit clients who are looking for TV and speaking opportunities. And we can also create a custom PR plan if your goals or budget don’t line up with our standard retainer. We even had a budget option. 

But the only way to find out what is going to fit you is to have a conversation with us. We can explain everything that is included in our standard retainer and after finding out your goals, we can customize from there. 

4) We like meeting new people 

You might be hesitant to schedule a call if you’re not sure if it’s the right time or if you have the budget to get started with PR. But I can tell you that you just never know what will come out of a conversation. We’ve talked with entrepreneurs and authors who are ready to get started immediately. 

We’ve also talked to people who weren’t sure what their timeline was. And some of those people have even come back to use 6 months or even two years later to get started.  

Here’s the thing. We love talking to new people, whether they become a client or not. And how will you know if it’s time to start pursuing your goals if you don’t just schedule the call? 

So, how did I do? Did I calm your fears? Are you ready to chat? Just click the link here.

Vicky Lynch
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