Get Results from Public Speaking

Public speaking has positioned me as an expert and given me extreme confidence. That’s right – I didn’t say I was confident before I was a speaker, I said speaking has given me confidence. Seriously, there’s nothing better for your ego than a standing ovation or people waiting in line to speak to you after your speech or emailing afterwards to ask how they can work with you.

Here’s the list of ALL the benefits I’ve received from becoming a public speaker:

A book deal from a major NY publisher (because I was able to use my vast speaking experience to prove there was interest in my topic and that I had a “platform” or following of my own)

Book sales once my book was out

Lead generation for my business (both from people who have been in the audience and even those who weren’t in the audience but have seen me post about speaking -> because it positions you as an expert in their mind!)

High-dollar consulting gigs

Travel all over the country (sometimes including my hubby)

A network of incredible people who are great resources

Public speaking is something few people pursue, so it’s an easy way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. And it positions you as an expert not just to the people in the audience, but to anyone who sees/hears you talking about your speaking engagement, which is why it’s important to learn to LEVERAGE your speaking gigs!

Have you thought about public speaking? What’s the hurdle you need to overcome to get there?

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