4 Reasons why Podcast Interviews are a Powerful PR Strategy

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Pitching for podcasts is a huge part of what we do for our done-for-you clients and it’s often the first strategy we recommend to others. Simply put, it’s because podcast interviews are THAT powerful. Podcast interviews help you generate leads, get calls booked on your calendar, and grow your audience by tapping into someone else’s. 

Essentially, podcast interviews are where you get the most bang for your buck, whether you’re spending money in a done-for-you format or spending your time and energy to pitch yourself for publicity. 

Most often, podcast interviews are powerful for four reasons: 

  1. People get to hear the passion and excitement in your voice! This is such an important (and sometimes underrated) part of podcast interviews. Make sure you are pitching topics you’re excited about and want to share!
  2. You’re speaking to a warm audience because the podcast host has already established a know, like, and trust factor with both you and the audience. This means, the audience is more likely to trust you and want to know more about you!
  3. Many podcasts allow you to offer a free gift. Which means that you have the opportunity to convert some people onto your email list and continue to share your expertise, products, and services moving forward. It’s a win-win, right?
  4. Podcast interviews continue to benefit your business for months and even YEARS to come. For example, I have a field on my content form that asks: How did you hear of me? And people often put the name of a podcast where I did an interview six months or even a year ago!

Tell me: What’s YOUR favorite thing about podcast interviews? Have they been powerful for your business?

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Vicky Lynch
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