Pitching Podcasts: 3 Steps To Landing More Podcast Interviews in 2022

Pitching Podcasts: 3 Steps To Landing More Podcast Interviews in 2022

written by Julie Parise

Podcasts are an incredible tool for building up your personal brand and gaining credibility. At Guide My Brand, we’ve found that pitching podcasts is a great step for entrepreneurs and authors to showcase their expertise. When one of our clients lands a podcast interview, it can often lead to more interview requests from other media. So if you’ve started pitching podcasts and want to see more success, we’re here with three more ways to successfully pitch podcasts. 

Find out how the podcast hosts wants to be pitched

Here’s how to pitch a podcast if you don’t personally know the host or producers:

Check the podcast’s website to find out how they prefer to be pitched. If there’s a form submission, use that. It’s like the host uses the submission to ask specific questions they’d like to consider when selecting guests. If you try to get around the form and email or DM them directly, it’s possible you’ll either be pointed back to the form — or worse, ignored. 

Sometimes hosts do want you to send an email pitch, and it will list it on their website.

If they don’t have specific guidance listed for how to pitch, find their public email address (usually listed on their website’s contact page or social media) and send your pitch that way. 

Suggest a topic that can help to reach new audiences

Never send a blanket pitch with the same suggested topics to multiple audiences. Personalize your pitch. Take a look at the show’s previous episodes, and offer a topic that’s in their wheelhouse but hasn’t yet been thoroughly discussed. 

First, comment on a recent episode of the show and something that piqued your interest — this shows that you’ve done your research. Then answer this question: What’s something unique that you can bring to the table?

For example, we had a client working in the business coaching space. She was an expert in marketing and mindset — a field that’s becoming increasingly crowded. But we pitched her to different podcasts speaking specifically about her morning routine. She offered first-person, one-of-a-kind advice that has helped her achieve her success, and offered others guidance on creating their own morning routine. It’s also something that many people can relate to — not just business coaches — meaning it will likely attract new listeners. We booked her on several podcasts speaking on this specific topic. 

See what she did? Instead of just pitching herself broadly as a marketing expert, she pinpointed a specific niche in which she could really showcase her expertise. And it worked!

Share your successes on social media — more than once

Show the hosts of your target podcast that you will get them more listeners. Share any kind of media interview you participate in on your social media accounts — more than once. Make sure to tag the person who interviewed you and their platform (if different). 

You can even intermittently share different parts of your interview to create fresh new content for your pages. This works well for a few reasons. Not only will it look promising to potential interviewers, but it could put you on the rader of podcast producers looking to book new guests. You never know, you could have the podcast hosts coming to you. 

Need help getting on podcasts?  We’d love to hear from you! Schedule a Discovery Call with our team here to discuss your PR goals for 2022.

Vicky Lynch
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