The One Question You Should Always Prepare For Podcast, TV or Print Interviews

The One Question You Should Always Prepare For Podcast, TV or Print Interviews

written by Julie Parise

Recently, I saw this tweet from a Shelby Lofton, a local television news reporter at WKYT in Lexington, Kentucky:

journalist: “Is there anything I didn’t ask you about that you’d like to mention?” 

interviewee: “No, I—-*best soundbite of the entire interview.* 

Happens almost every day. 🙂

When I was a reporter, I would end almost every single interview with this question. As a publicist, I see my clients get asked this all the time as they’re wrapping up conversations with reporters. 

And I cringe when they answer with “Nope, I think you covered everything.” The question is a free pass to insert any sound byte you want!

That’s why at Guide My Brand we always coach our clients to have an answer prepared for this question. When you answer questions like these like a pro, you increase your chances of becoming a go-to source on your subject and getting asked to do even more interviews. 

Here are two great approaches you can take to answer this question. 

  • Return to your most important messaging point. Think about the overarching message you’re trying to share with your audience. Then insert it into this sentence: “If I can leave you with nothing else today, it’s [insert main messaging point here.]” 

Answering the question this way is great for a few reasons. First, it points the reporter to the soundbyte they should be focused on later when they go back to review the interview, and potentially have to cut it down or even select just one or two items to publish. 

Second, it demonstrates your ability to speak in easy-to-digest soundbytes, which makes you an ideal guest and increases your chances of getting asked for another interview or appearance. Most importantly, it reinforces your expertise for the audience and drives your points home. 

  • Summarize your three main points. Before any interview, write down the three main points you want to get across. Review them before you talk with the reporter. At the end of the interview, when they ask you “is there anything else you want to add?” Jump into your main point summary: “Yes, there are three things I’d like to mention as we wrap up. First….” Number each point as you deliver them.

Numbering your points is a great way to signal to the reporter and audience the most important parts of your responses. It gets the attention of viewers or listeners who may only be casually listening. And, like above, summarizing your points in a neat, organized list of three provides the reporter or producer with a solid soundbyte that they can use when promoting or editing the show.

As you are pitching podcasts, television or newspaper interviews, or as you prepare for your big opportunity,  remember these tips. You never want to turn down an opportunity to get your messaging out there. 

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Vicky Lynch
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