Kaytie Zimmerman


Kaytie Zimmerman hired Guide My Brand when we offered 1:1 coaching (which we no longer offer) and was initially looking to monetize her blog, Optimistic Millennial. She was also interested in learning how to land speaking engagements.


When we began working with Kaytie, our first priority was to help her turn a one-off opportunity to guest blog for Forbes into a paid contributor role. We helped her negotiate and land that role, and almost immediately began working to negotiate for another paid contributor role with another outlet. We also helped Kaytie develop a strategy to secure public speaking engagements.

Although she didn’t initially come to us looking for television exposure, we were able to use our network of contacts to successfully pitch Kaytie for a segment on The Morning Show on WJXT. Having landed that spot, we moved into media training with Kaytie to prepare her for the appearance and put together a strategy for her to leverage that appearance for other opportunities in the future.

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Examples of some of the coverage Laura has gained while working with us . . .

TV Appearance

Kaytie appeared on The Morning Show on WJXT to discuss 401(k) advice for millennials.

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Paid Contributor

We helped Kaytie turn a one-off guest blogging opportunity into a paid contributor role for Forbes.

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