Maria Ross

Author, The Empathy Edge



As a brand strategist working with entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses, Maria came to us with the goal of increasing media coverage for her book, The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success. She had the long-term goal of increasing book sales, booking paid speaking engagements, and spreading her message to ignite more intentional empathy that leads to real impact.



We started working with Maria in May 2019 ahead of her October 2019 nonfiction business book release. We began by mapping out a complete launch plan, which included traditional and online media opportunities such as reviews, excerpts, guest blogs, features, podcast interviews, TV appearances, speaking engagements and book signing events.

Our campaign has resulted thus far in nearly two dozen radio and podcast interviews, nine excerpts and guest blogs in publications such as Working Mother magazine and Startup Nation, multiple bookstore events, speaking engagements and even a television appearance in San Francisco. We were particularly thrilled when the book was named a must-read for entrepreneurs by Forbes.

In addition to our PR efforts, we also developed a social media strategy leading up to and through the launch, which included creating branded graphics to match the book and writing engaging copy.

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Examples of some of the coverage Maria has gained while working with us . . .



The Empathy Edge was featured on Forbes in a list of “Top 20 Books You Need to Read to Crush 2020.”

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Radio Appearance

Maria joined NPR in Salt Lake City, Utah to share the habits and traits of leaders who, through employing empathy and compassion, foster more productivity and loyalty.

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Television Interview

Maria was interviewed by KTVU about returning to work after having a baby and how employers can be more empathetic towards new mothers and fathers returning to the workforce.

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Guest Blog

Working Mother featured a guest blog Maria authored titled, 4 Things Every Mom Needs Her Company to Do After Maternity Leave.

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Guest Blog Interview

Maria was interviewed by Yitzi Weiner for Thrive Global about what we can do on social media and the internet to make it a kinder place.

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