How to Get Started as a Public Speaker

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If you are wondering how to get started as a public speaker, universities can be a great place to start! I had my very first speaking gig at Georgia State University more than a decade ago. How did I land my very first speaking gig? It was easier than you might think!

  1. I decided on my topic first. At the time, I was trying to get more visible for my upcoming book on the history of collective bargaining in Major League Baseball. So, I decided my topic would be the finances of MLB.
  2. I looked up the course catalog for a university near me and searched for classes that discussed topics similar to mine. I identified a course called Sport Finance and knew it was a good fit for my topic based on the course description.
  3. I found the current semester schedule and located the name and email address for the professor teaching the class I had identified as the best fit for my topic.
  4. I sent an email to the professor introducing myself and my background and asking if she ever invited guest speakers into the classroom.
  5. She responded the same day and invited me to come speak!

Since then, I have spoken in nearly 20 different states to organizations like the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, the Legal Marketing Association, the American Association of Universities, and dozens of law schools, college athletic departments and university programs. I even spoke before a congressional committee in Washington, DC!

From making money as a speaker to using my platform as a speaker to sell books to traveling around the country meeting fabulous people, the benefits of speaking go on and on.

Ready to get started as a speaker? Check out my free guide for a list of the easiest places to get started as a speaker!

Vicky Lynch
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