Publicity Pop-Up

March 23 – April 19


The Publicity Pop-Up is going to be an interactive four-week group program where you get DAILY posts from me about what editors, producers and hosts are looking for based on communication my team is having around the industry every single day. You’ll also get live twice-weekly trainings and Q&A sessions with me, and I’ll be in the group answering questions and giving feedback on your ideas and pitches daily. 

Here’s what we’ll cover (in addition to the daily information on what’s going on around the media)…

Week 1 (March 23-29): How to position yourself as an expert (even if you don’t feel like one)

Week 2 (March 30 – April 5): The three things you have to prove in a pitch to get a “yes”

Week 3 (April 6-12): How to find the outlets, who to pitch and how to follow up (we get more than 60% of our acceptances on the follow-up email!)

Week 4 (April 13-19): Creating a PR plan for yourself going forward so you can consistently get new leads

Taking the temperature of the media: I’ll be jumping into our Facebook group every day to tell you what I’m hearing from the media — hot topics, what they need more of, where the conversation is shifting, etc.

I wanted to make this as affordable as possible for everyone out there, but I felt it was important to make this a paid program so you have some skin in the game. I want you to be incentivized to show up and do the work. I’ve never offered anything this low, but these are unique times and I want to help as many of you as I can. 

The investment is $249, which is what members of my broader group program, From the Shadows to the Spotlight, pay for just one monthly installment (if you’re already in FSS – it’s free for you!). If you decide to join that group later, or want to engage with us in 1:1 coaching or one of our retainers, we’ll credit you the $249 you paid for this pop-up group. 

If you’ve been putting off PR until you had time to get around to it, I urge you to do it now. Not only is the media begging for more content, but there are more people out there than ever before who need your expertise – who feel stuck, or lonely, or depressed or just plain overwhelmed. Get out of your own way so you can  help them! You’ll not only make a difference for them, you’ll be making a difference for your own business as well.