2 Ways Your Live TV Interview Is Different Than Your IG or Facebook Live Video

2 Ways Your Live TV Interview Is Different Than Your IG or Facebook Live Video

By now it’s clear that video — whether an IG live, TikTok, or Reel —  is one of the best ways to market yourself and create publicity for your brand or upcoming book. 

Plus, by creating and appearing in your own social media videos, you’re getting great practice for television interviews. 

But it’s important to know the differences between the two platforms. You can’t treat a TV appearance — whether it’s local news or a talk show — the same as your social media feed. 

Here are some key differences to keep in mind:

  1. Time is limited. Like, really, really limited. Interviews on television are usually no more than three minutes long. It doesn’t leave time to touch on a ton of details.

This means short, succinct answers are crucial (more on how to create your messaging here). If you don’t prepare to speak briefly and fairly quickly, you’ll likely find yourself rambling. 

Often, some of the best, most successful social media video bloggers will stay on camera for a long time when hosting their own videos. This may work well for a social platform, but it doesn’t translate to television. 

  1. The interaction is between you and the host. In most TV interviews, you’ll be asked a few questions by an anchor or a reporter. It’s not like your Facebook live videos, where you’re hosting the conversation and have the freedom to take the conversation wherever you want, with whoever you want. 

For example, often we see people on Facebook live stopping mid-message to say “hello” to people who are joining their video, feeling free to turn and talk to somebody else who is in the room, or even letting their pet become a part of the video. 

These types of videos work great on social media — being social is the whole point, after all. But they’re not for television. Focus on the host, and present a message that resonates with the audience. 

If you’re looking to book more television interviews, here are 3 steps to landing your next on-camera interview.

Vicky Lynch
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