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3 Holiday Wishes Your PR Team Can Help Make Come True

3 Holiday Wishes Your PR Team Can Help Make Come True

What are your holiday wishes as an author or entrepreneur? Of course you want your brand or book to sparkle — and a great publicity team can help you do that. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to hire a publicist or public relations firm in the new year — or, if you’re trying to decide which publicity firm is the right fit for you, here are three things a good publicity team will be able to offer you.

  • Creative messaging that nails down your niche.
    You know your story better than anyone else — and you know your brand and book better than anyone else. But when it comes to spreading your message and finding the right niche to gain traction, you’ll need experts to help you develop the messaging that will resonate most with the people and groups you’re trying to reach. A great publicist will not just listen, but truly hear who you are and what you can share. Then, they will help you craft the right wording and finetune your messaging to get you where you want to be.

  • Pitch lists filled with targets that will find and grow your audience
    Most people want to know what “connections” publicists have before they start working with them. The (incorrect) assumption is that knowing editors, producers or journalists will guarantee instant media hits for their clients. This is one wish that we can’t make come true. As we like to tell our clients, only a great story and messaging will get you results — regardless of who you know. But as publicists we will work incredibly hard to create a list of target platforms — podcasts, TV shows, newspapers, blogs, etc. — that would be a great fit for you to appear on. You may have big name goals in mind – like Good Morning America or The New York Times – and that’s great! But we encourage our clients to spend time working with the smaller outlets, too. Oftentimes there are smaller, lesser known podcasts or magazines that are directly aligned with your niche and help you grow your audience faster. Plus, they’re great practice for the big time interviews!

  • Interview prep to help you shine like a star
    So you landed your dream interviews. Great news! Now it’s time for media training. At Guide My Brand, our team offers experience from all angles. Longtime book publicists who have landed national coverage for their clients, and journalists who have been on the other side of these interviews for years. Our combined experience is the perfect guide to walk you through every step of your television, radio, podcast or newspaper interview. From before you even meet the interviewer, through the entire process, including post-interview follow up.

What holiday wishes do you want to see come true for you in 2023? Reach out to us here at Guide My Brand to hear how we can make that happen for you!

Vicky Lynch
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