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3 More Hair & Makeup Tips For When You Get Featured On TV

3 More Hair & Makeup Tips For When You Get Featured On TV

Great news! You’ve landed a new interview request, which will get you featured on TV. Now, how will you make sure you look your best? Recently, we brought you four tips about how to do your hair, makeup and clothes for your TV appearance. Now, we’re back with more! 

While television is a visual medium — your looks should not be your first concern while preparing for your interview. When you’re featured on television, you should focus first on your content. If you need help preparing your messaging for your TV interview, check out this article

But for now — 3 more tips to get your camera ready. 

1. Stay away from patterns. Stylish patterns or designs, while they may look great in “real life,” are often distracting on camera. Leopard print, gingham, houndstooth are an especially poor choice for on-camera interviews — the patterns can appear to “jump” or move on-camera. Instead, opt for solid colors.

2. Keep hairspray handy. Whether your on-camera interview is in a studio, a separate location or via Zoom — stray hairs will show up. With television lights especially, these suckers can stick out and be incredibly noticeable during tight camera shots that are often used to frame interviewees’ faces. You’ll want to spray down any fly aways, and make sure you don’t have any hair sticking up, distracting from your messaging.

3. Don’t expect anyone to do or fix your makeup for you. When you show up to do your studio interview, don’t expect there to be a hair or makeup person ready to fix you up. Studio makeup artists are largely a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll want to show up looking exactly how you appear to wish on camera. 

We hope this hair and makeup advice helps you the next time you get a TV interview. Looking for more tips to get featured on TV? We have a ton of resources on our blog.  If you’re looking for more television coverage, schedule a call with us to learn what we can do for you.

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