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3 Ways To Use TikTok To Get Traction For Your Book Or Business

3 Ways To Use TikTok To Get Traction For Your Book Or Business

What was once a platform for Gen Zers to post dance videos is now a social media tool that people of all ages use to share and learn information about anything and everything. TikTok is for everyone. It’s a great place for people to learn about your brand, book, or business. If you’re hesitant to get on the platform, or if you don’t think it’s for you — thank again. You’re missing out on creating a loyal audience. 

Here are some tips to grow your brand on TikTok: 

1. Start with small steps.

 Create an account and follow people in your niche, people you admire, your role models. Look at their content. Look at the content that TikTok selects for you and plays on your #ForYou page. Interact with the videos and information that resonates with you — positive or constructive comments only. 

2. Post videos with tidbits about your business or info about your expertise.

Keep it simple. You might think what you’re talking about is old news to your colleagues or competitors. But this content isn’t for them. The content you create on TikTok is for someone who is unfamiliar with what you do.  That’s who will benefit from it — and then become your follower or fan. For example, I recently came across a TikTok video by a makeup artist. She shared a brief video about the best way to apply concealer under the eyes. For a makeup artist, this is the most basic info there is. But for me, it showed me a brand new technique — and now I follow her TikTok account to learn more. 

3. Watch your follower count grow and keep engaging with your audience. 

Don’t worry about making all your posts perfect. You just have to get started. It’s not about posting groundbreaking content every day, but frequently enough to keep growing your follower count and sharing your knowledge. 

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