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4 Steps To Successfully Pitching Yourself As A Podcast Guest

4 Steps To Successfully Pitching Yourself As A Podcast Guest

Podcasts are the most popular offering for our clients at Guide My Brand. Of course. Entrepreneurs and authors want to be interviewed on podcasts that will help them grow their audience.

Here Are 4 Steps Get Podcast Interviews:

Show that you listen to the podcast. 

First thing’s first. You want the person on the receiving end of your email pitch to feel like you’ve done your research, and that you actually have listened to their podcast. There are a few ways to do this. You can do this by offering a reaction (or even better, a compliment!) about a recent episode right off the bat. 

For example, I recently pitched a podcast where the host had previously mentioned she was moving several states away to be closer to family. I started my pitch with a quick mention about my own experience doing the same. She wrote back that same day, and had our client on her show. 

Show that you are an expert. 

Include your “expert statement” (here’s our freebie all about creating one of those!) about who you are, what you do, and why your area of expertise is relevant to the show. Keep it brief, around three sentences or so. 

Suggest topics you can talk about – that fit the theme of the show. 

After establishing yourself as an expert in your podcast pitch, explain that you’d love to join the show and offer 2-4 bullet points about topics you’d like to discuss. Put them in bold, so that if someone is briefly scanning your pitch, they will get an idea of what you can talk about. Make sure they are a good fit for the particular podcast’s audience — and that they haven’t been talked about before. If you can offer a new angle or perspective, that will be attractive to show bookers. 

End with a call to action. 

This is a simple element of any podcast pitch that people sometimes forget. Put the ball in their court. End your pitch with a question about next steps. It’s as simple as, “Can we set up a time to talk?” or “Would you consider booking me as a guest for a future episode?”

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