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4 Steps To Writing A Successful TV Pitch

4 Steps To Writing A Successful TV Pitch

Getting featured on TV is a goal for many many entrepreneurs and authors. For good reason! Doing television interviews can solidify you as an expert in your field, gain exposure for your business and help you connect with potential clients. But how do you write a compelling pitch that will be successful?

Here’s 4 necessary steps to writing a successful television pitch:

1. A personalized greeting including the producer, anchor or reporter’s name

2. An opening line indicating what topic you are writing about, why it matters, and that you’ve been following their current coverage

“I saw [insert TV program name here]’s piece on the school district’s proposed new, earlier start times. This will cause a ripple effect that will change the lives of not just students, but parents and caregivers as well.” 

3. Any relevant statistics, plus why you should be the go-to person to speak to this

“Did you know that the most recent studies suggest that teens get 10 hours of sleep per night? As a teacher of more than 30 years, and the parent of a teenager, I know that the students’ sleep habits will be interrupted and just how devastating this can be.”

4. 2-4 Bullet points that share specific talking points you can expand on in an interview

“I’d love to speak to one of your reporters to talk about any of the following topics: 

  • What the earlier start times would mean for a local student and their family
  • Why well-rested students perform better and how to manage a morning routine
  • Steps local parents can take to help stop the district from changing the schools start times”

Remember that landing a television appearance might not happen quickly — and that’s okay! Once you do one appearance, work on building a relationship with the producer and reporter who booked your television feature and see if you can work together again. 

For more information on getting featured on TV, plus a full TV pitch example, check out our TV pitching course by clicking here.

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