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Announcing Two New Book Publicity Campaigns

Announcing Two New Book Publicity Campaigns

At Guide My Brand, we love working with authors. A lot of our clients are both authors and entrepreneurs, which can really be the best of both worlds. Most of our clients work with us as part of our retainer plan. It’s a great option when budgets allow because it gives the ability to work with a client for 4+ months to really help build their online presence and thought leadership platform through podcast interviews, contributor blog and article placements, and excerpt quotes in online and print publications. 

With our retainer clients, we are able to promote everything they are working on simultaneously from online programs they are launching, news releases about work their companies are doing and also promoting any new books they have released recently. As we all know, publicity compounds upon itself. So the more angles we can pitch, and the more time we have to build a campaign from the ground up, the better our overall results will be. 

However, from time to time, we come across potential clients that we would absolutely love to work with but who for whatever reason need a more targeted campaign just to promote their new book. Because of this, we’ve recently created two new publicity campaign options, an 8-week book publicity campaign and a 12-week book publicity campaign just for these types of clients. 

Here’s why we are excited about these new options for our clients: 

1. We can really focus on book-specific promotion. 

Our clients are the total package. But sometimes they have so many different things going on in their business, that their book doesn’t always take center stage. At Guide My Brand, we love books. And when we get a chance to really help an author get the word out about their book, it’s so rewarding. We can pull content from the book to pitch for excerpts and really get the name of the book out there in podcast interviews that stay online forever.

Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t ever pitch topics that are slightly outside the book. It’s always been true that the best pitch angles often tie-in our client’s book with current events. And sometimes, an author is able to bring their book in a side-door during an interview about a specific area of their expertise that is in-demand with the media. The best book publicity builds up not just the book, but also the author, so that you have a good foundation for future book promotion. 

2. We can customize a plan to reach the book’s intended audience.

I’ve worked in-house at several publishing houses. And while I loved my time in-house, I do know that an in-house publicist has a lot of demands on their time. At Guide My Brand, we don’t just have one approach or a barn of contacts that we pitch all our titles to. Rather, we have the time to really pinpoint who the book’s audience is and research the outlets that are going to be the best bet for us to reach that specific audience. 

With either of our plans, those contacts will be identified at the beginning of the campaign. From there, our work would be focused on different angles and starting an ongoing conversation with contacts at those outlets to lead to coverage. We’ll reach out several times with new angles, news on the book, and anything else that we know will catch their attention. 

3. We are able to work with clients who may not have the budget for a full PR retainer

As we all know, there are limits to the decisions we can make regarding extras like publicity and marketing. Yes, every author can benefit from both of these things, but it’s just not always in the budget for whatever reason. We love that these options really open up the opportunity for new clients with amazing stories to share who otherwise may not be able to hire a publicist. 

By focusing on just book promotion, we are able to maximize what we can do with your budget for your book specifically. 

Do you have a new book coming out? We’d love to chat about how we can help. Schedule a discovery call with us today!

Vicky Lynch
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