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Author Publicity: How To Write Email Subject Lines For TV & Podcast Pitches

Author Publicity: How To Write Email Subject Lines For TV & Podcast Pitches

When sending a pitch to a producer, journalist or podcast host – your subject line is crucial. We’ve talked about the importance of subject lines for entrepreneur and author publicity before. Now, we’re back with two more tips to make sure your email gets opened, read, and replied to. 

Write multiple subject lines, and test them out. 

By now you know, you need to personalize your pitch – and your subject line. Now, go a step further – test out a few different subject lines for your pitch. Run them by your colleagues, friends or significant other. Which email are they most likely to open? If the answer is none, keep working. If there’s one that creates enough intrigue to inspire someone to double click and open the pitch, that’s the one to go with. Don’t worry about including a ton of info in the subject line. Just make it interesting. 

Research, research, research. 

Instead of trying to pitch as many reporters, writers or producers as you can, spend time researching different publications and podcasts. Find ones that resonate the most with your niche and audience. Connect with publications and individuals who care about what you’re talking about. Read or listen to what they’re putting out. Share why you appreciate their work, and then finally, connect it to your work in a way you know their audience will appreciate. 

Think about the hundreds or emails and pitches reporters get each day. If you want your pitch to stand out, follow the above tips to land more placements. Want to talk about a publicity campaign for your business?

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Vicky Lynch

Vicky Lynch has worked in publishing, marketing and PR for nearly 20 years with experience working in-house at several publishers and a stint at Barnes & Noble. She is currently a Senior Publicist with Guide My Brand.

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