Here’s How A Client Sold 50 Books and Gained 1,000 Instagram Followers – From Just One Podcast!

Here’s How A Client Sold 50 Books and Gained 1,000 Instagram Followers – From Just One Podcast!

(or How One Podcast Interview Skyrocketed Book Sales and Instagram Followers!)

The reality of PR is that some opportunities are far more fruitful than others. In this blog post, we’ll show you how Guide My Brand helped a client sell more books and boost her social media following from just one opportunity.

Chantal Donnelly, a physical therapist who came to us to promote her new book, kicked it out of the park with one podcast interview. She told us that ONE interview resulted in about 50 book sales and 1,000 new Instagram followers!

Strategic Outreach and Thorough Preparation

It all started with our publicists reaching out to Dr. Mindy Pelz’s team. She’s a popular nutrition and functional health expert who’s also a bestselling author and keynote speaker. After we suggested Chantal as a guest, Dr. Pelz’s podcast producer asked for more talking points related to the menopause-stress connection.

We worked with Chantal on a really thorough response, sharing a blog post she’d written on stress and menopause as well as a topic idea: “What is the relationship between stress and menopause, how does it affect us, and what can we do about it?”

Chantal then drafted some no-fluff talking points, getting right into the science and her knowledge in a concise format. Finally, she shared her personal story and a few tools for people to try.

Streamlining the Pitching Process

Once our clients share these detailed responses with us, we use them for future pitches and bookings to streamline the process and free up their time. Chantal’s thoughtful talking points clearly demonstrated the value she could bring to Dr. Pelz’s audience. 

A phenomenal partnership is truly necessary for a successful book marketing campaign – client and agency working together to scout opportunities, pitch them, flesh out ideas as needed, and follow through to get results. This level of teamwork leads to better PR, more speaking gigs, and more growth as you demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field.

Logistics and Support: Behind the Scenes

For that podcast, Guide My Brand handled all the logistics, even reaching out on the day of the interview to make sure everything went smoothly and everyone was well-prepared. That support means one less thing to worry about.

Maximizing Exposure and Growth

Dr. Pelz has an extensive reach, with some of her videos gaining millions of views. The time she spent with Chantal and the exposure from the podcast episode really made a difference.

Later, we pitched even more podcasts with the same topic and a link to the episode. Since Chantal had already written out her talking points, this made it easy to land even more coverage.

Chantal’s success story highlights the impact that a single podcast interview can have. Selling 50 books and gaining 1,000 new Instagram followers is no small feat. It’s proof that strategic PR opportunities can make a real difference.

At Guide My Brand, we get it. We know navigating the PR world can be tough. That’s why we’re here to help, offering practical support and tailored guidance to authors and entrepreneurs alike. Whether you’re just starting out, writing your first book or running a successful business, let’s chat. Book a discovery call today and let’s see how we can help you reach your publicity goals.

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