How Guide My Brand Makes Pitching Easy

How Guide My Brand Makes Pitching Easy


By Michael Locklear

For clients who have a do-it-yourself approach, Guide My Brand offers a package so that you have everything you need to start pitching yourself. We call it “Pitching Made Easy,” and it’s perfect for those who want to build a track record of publicity and credibility on a very limited budget. 

Here’s What You Get With Pitching Made Easy:

  1. Two customized pitch templates as well as contact information for dozens of journalists, podcast hosts and websites that may want to feature you. (These contacts are specific to your niche!)
  2. 10 catchy “headlines” or conversation topics based on your expertise. If you’re an author, we’ll take a look at your goals and your book. If you’re an entrepreneur, we’ll also consider your products and services to develop a strategy for making you into a go-to thought leader.
  3. A short personalized video explaining exactly how to use these assets to get PR hits.

We Take the Guess-Work Out of Pitching

We understand that pitching yourself for publicity is not in most people’s wheelhouse. We do all the heavy lifting and break it down to make it accessible for you. 

We think about questions like: 

  • What nuggets of information are very relevant today? 
  • Are there any topics in the news where we could position you as an expert? 
  • What valuable content can you provide to journalists, podcasts, websites and their audiences?

Here are a couple of topics we recently provided to a nonfiction author:

  • Why I don’t regret getting kicked off “American Idol” – 4 ways setbacks can help you hone in on what you really want
  • Why you don’t have to quit your day job to pursue a side hustle (and why everyone should have one!)

Our Goal is to Maximize Your Success

The team at Guide My Brand has a good pulse for the most marketable portions of your content. We have decades of experience planning and executing publicity campaigns for countless books and entrepreneurs.

Several of us also come from journalism backgrounds; we’ve pitched stories in editorial meetings every day for years, so we know what will catch the attention of editors.

If you’ve just published your book and want to start sharing it with the world, but don’t have a huge budget, Pitching Made Easy is a great starting point. The same goes for entrepreneurs eager to raise their profile.

For clients who want more support, we offer a wide range of services: book publicity plans, author publicity services, PR for entrepreneurs and longer-term programs to establish you as an expert in your field. This includes weekly support from the GMB team, from pitch development and outreach to coordinating interviews and ghostwriting articles for you.

Book a Discovery Call today so we can talk about how we can help you reach your goals.

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