How To Do Your Hair & Makeup When You Get Featured On TV

How To Do Your Hair & Makeup When You Get Featured On TV

written by Julie Parise

When you get featured on TV, one of your first concerns might be about how you’ll look. After all, television is a visual medium. While of course you’ll want to consider your appearance, it should not be your main consideration when you’re featured on television. Your main concern should be your content. If you need help preparing your messaging for your TV interview, check out this article

Here are 4 tips to style your hair, make-up and clothes when you get featured on TV (from a current television news reporter.) 

  • Keep it simple. News anchors and reporters are coached to do their hair and makeup in a way that makes them look approachable, and isn’t distracting to the viewer. You should do the same. You want people to hear what you’re saying, not get distracted by your makeup, clothes or jewelry. Wearing simple, solid colors (jewel tones look great) and a simple hairstyle are your best bet.
  • Don’t try anything new on the day of your interview. The day of your TV interview is not the day to try a new hairstyle or makeup routine. Stick to what you’re comfortable with. This way, if you need to touch up at the last minute or make adjustments, you know what you’re doing and won’t be stressed about it. Plus, you’ll feel confident knowing exactly how you’ll appear on camera. 
  • Focus on your eyes and lips. A television makeup consultant once told me “you can forget your clothes before you forget your lip gloss.” While this is clearly hyperbole, freshly touched up lips can pull your whole look together. If I don’t have time for anything else, I make sure to apply lip gloss and mascara. Two simple makeup steps that can go a long way toward helping you look your best. 
  • No noisemakers. Choose your jewelry wisely. Stud earrings instead of dangly ones, which can make noise when you move your head. Skip bracelets all together, which can clank if you’re putting your hands on a desk. 

Looking for more tips to get featured on TV? Check out some of our tips. If you’re looking for more television coverage, schedule a call with us to learn what we can do for you.

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