How to get free publicity

free publicity

I don’t need to know who you are or what you do or what your specialty is to know your problem. I’ve spoken to and worked with enough people to know that the biggest thing standing between you and publicity is simply this: you asking for it. And what it really comes down to is your willingness to send an email.

If you know how to send an email, then you know how to get free publicity. It really is that simple.

I know it because it’s what happened to me. Almost everything amazing that I have in my life came because I sent an email.

Here are just two examples:

• My first big opportunity to become a contributor at Forbes came from sending an email to an editor commenting on his article

• I was featured in a segment on live television just by sending an email to the show’s producer asking her to keep me in mind… which then led to a weekly segment on the network

Whatever kind of publicity it is that you want – speaking on stage, being on TV, podcast interviews, guest blogs, writing for major publications, getting a feature in a magazine – the only thing standing between you and that publicity is your willingness to send an email.

Tell us below: what kind of publicity do you most want?

What has been stopping you from sending an email asking for free publicity?

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