How to Leverage PR to Grow Your Business

leverage PR

Have you landed podcast interviews, guest blogs, etc. and then felt like they did nothing for your business?

Garnering publicity for publicity’s sake isn’t how you grow your business.

It’s about SO much more than simply landing the opportunities and then sharing each one on social media or adding a logo to your website!

Follow these steps to leverage PR

Here are 3 important steps to ensure you’re landing the right publicity and positioning yourself to leverage PR so you can grow your business:

  1. Get in front of the right people. Does your ideal client regularly read that website where you want to guest blog? Do they listen to that podcast you’re being interviewed on? You don’t need to be on the biggest, most well known platforms out there – niche sites and podcasts can be much more successful when it comes to generating leads for your business.
  2. Talk about the right things. If you want to position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche, your publicity opportunities need to be on topics that lead naturally into your funnel. Which brings me to…
  3. Get a sales funnel in place before you start landing publicity. I’m talking opt-in, email sequence and sales pages for your products, services or programs. How are you going to leverage those opportunities if you can’t capture leads and nurture them?


If you want to use publicity to grow your business, you MUST approach it in a strategic way!

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Vicky Lynch
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