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How to Piggyback on Holidays to Help Spread Your Message

How to Piggyback on Holidays to Help Spread Your Message

One way to secure more media coverage is to take advantage of the news cycle, particularly around observances, holidays and events. What’s coming up on the calendar? How can you offer value around that date when many outlets will be looking for content?

Guide My Brand starts brainstorming a month or more in advance for holidays like Valentine’s Day. We think about what expertise our clients have while keeping in mind the needs of journalists, outlets and the audiences they serve. 

For example, one of our clients is a licensed marriage and family counselor who’s releasing a book focused on helping men create fulfilling relationships. The knowledge is a perfect match for many articles published around Valentine’s Day, so this turned out to be one piece of a comprehensive book publicity plan.

Some of the ideas we pitched included ways that men can level up their relationship and three tips for starting a new relationship right this Valentine’s Day.

After Guide My Brand does the initial brainstorming, we then work with clients to flesh out the ideas so that the pitches move beyond the generic. Good pitches demonstrate their value. They’re easy to understand but go deeper into information and insight that’s useful to the audience.

Another prominent client centered his campaigns around Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Jan Scruggs, founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., has been working to solidify his legacy.

Guide My Brand handled the media outreach for a handful of events before and on those holidays, securing more than 17 placements in the process.

Jan ticked an item off his bucket list when AARP published an interview with him the week before Memorial Day 2022, titled “Why The Vietnam Wall Founder Still Makes Weekly Visits.” He called the coverage a lifelong dream.

The AARP reporter initially thought we’d missed an opportunity since National Vietnam War Veterans Day had just passed on March 29. Reminding him of another newsworthy date coming up – Memorial Day – helped secure the coverage.

There are many ways to leverage the calendar to maximize your impact. Do you have the time, knowledge and energy to amplify your message in this way? Guide My Brand is always here to help with author publicity services or PR for entrepreneurs, and it’s easy to book a free discovery call to see if we can provide the boost you need.

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