How to use newsjacking to get publicity

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Do you want to write for outlets like Entrepreneur or Inc.? Maybe magazines like Working Mother or Women’s Health?

I help clients get placements in these outlets and more every day, and one strategy works more effectively (and faster!) than any other…it’s called “newsjacking.”

It’s the easiest way to land yourself coverage FAST!

1. Keep an eye on trending news stories and watch for anything where you can apply your expertise to add commentary.

2. Once you spot a story, outline briefly how you can use that story to demonstrate your expertise. Whatever you come up with, make sure you’re providing actionable advice.

3. Where are the people who need that actionable advice? Are they reading outlets like Forbes or Fast Company or would you have a better chance reaching them through an outlet like Parents or Women’s Health?

4. Get your pitch to an editor QUICKLY! You want to hit on the trend before anyone else does, and you want to do it before the news goes stale.

This same strategy is great if you’re trying to land interviews on TV or radio too! If you want more on this, make sure to download my freebie on How to Get FREE Publicity with Newsjacking!

Vicky Lynch
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