How to get quoted by the media

get quoted

Want to get Quoted?

Ever read an article and wonder how the people quoted wound up in the story? There are several possibilities – the reporter found their blog, follows them on social media, read their book or study or got pitched by them or their PR person.

If you want to be proactive and control your own destiny in this respect, here’s one of my favorite ways to pitch the media that has an extremely high success rate…

Search for reporters/writers who have written about your niche previously and email them to introduce yourself!

Here’s an example from a real client I worked with…

My client wanted to enhance his profile as an expert on the decline of African Americans in MLB. So, I searched to see who has written on that previously, and found a piece by ESPN’s Tim Keown.

I emailed Tim, told him a little about my client and asked him to keep him in mind if he ever wrote on the subject again. He emailed me back within minutes to tell me he was working on a piece currently about a specific African American player and his journey to MLB for a new ESPN vertical called The Undefeated.

We set up an interview, and two weeks later…boom! My client got quoted multiple times in a national media outlet.

You can use this same approach to get quoted!

It’s all about defining your niche as an expert and then being proactive about getting visible. You can’t just wait for someone to come knock on your door…go knock on theirs!

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Vicky Lynch
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