PR For Entrepreneurs: 3 Ways Find The Right Publicist For You

PR For Entrepreneurs: 3 Ways Find The Right Publicist For You

written by Julie Parise

At Guide My Brand, we offer all potential clients a free discovery call to share our services, different publicity packages, and how we think we can best help authors and entrepreneurs gain the media exposure that is right for them. We’re experts in PR for entrepreneurs. When you become a client, we become experts about you, your message and your reputation.

For our team, another key part of these discovery calls is getting to know you as a person – not just a potential client. It’s the same for you. When you book a discovery call with us — or any public relations agency — it’s important to know who you’re agreeing to work with. It’s also important to know why you’re agreeing to work with them when it comes to PR for entrepreneurs. 

This is your reputation and career. We take that very seriously at Guide My Brand, and consider it an honor to do PR for entrepreneurs and authors. Here are three pieces of advice when it comes to choosing your PR agency. 

  1. Ask Around. Do you have a friend, colleague or mentor who is getting the kind of exposure you want? Ask them who they work with. Do your research. Find out the company’s background, who they work with and what kind of results they produce. Know what questions you want to ask before you join a call, to get the most of your discussion and give you the opportunity to make an informed decision.
  2.  Decide what your top goals are. No goal is too lofty. We’re all about blue sky thinking here at Guide My Brand. That’s not to say we can promise you any kind of particular feature or particular outlet. PR for entrepreneurs is a long game, and anyone who promises you instant success is lying. But if you want to be featured in the New York Times or on Good Morning America. But, we can work with you to put yourself in the best position possible to get there. So, speak openly about your expectations.
  3. Ask about your involvement with your campaign. We welcome clients who want to continue to work on their own behalf to secure their own coverage — whether that means reaching out to personal connections, or leveraging their social media accounts to try and land media placements. It is important, however, to discuss how this will be approached during the publicity campaign.


For example, if you land a TV feature for yourself, does that mean you will also handle the coordination with producers? Or will you hand that off to your PR agency? If you want to completely hand over your campaign to us — that’s fantastic. But understand that you will still have to be involved on some level, offering us guidance on how we should pitch you, what new angles may work well with particular outlets, etc.

Are you looking for publicity for your own campaign? Have more questions about PR for entrepreneurs? Not sure where to start? Book a discovery call with us and find out how we might best be able to serve your media needs

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