PR For Entrepreneurs: Email Subject Lines To Get A Reporter’s Attention

PR For Entrepreneurs: Email Subject Lines To Get A Reporter’s Attention

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An email subject line can sometimes seem like an afterthought. When it comes to entrepreneur publicity, however, a subject line can determine whether or not your email even gets opened — let alone read. 

As a television reporter whose inbox is seemingly always flooded with pitch emails, I can typically tell at first glance of a subject line if an email is going to get opened, or instantly sent to the junk folder. 

Here are three ways to write an email subject line to get your pitch read by a reporter or producer. 

1. Personalize it 

Put the reporter or producer’s name in the subject line. Personalization is so important when it comes to PR for entrepreneurs or entrepreneur publicity. Try some of these examples:

  • “Pitch for Julie: Entrepreneur overcomes all kinds of obstacles to earn latest award”
  • “Julie, a story about an entrepreneur beating the odds”


2. Tie it into the reporter’s previous reporting.

Subject lines don’t give you a ton of space to work with, but try and squeeze in something to show you’ve been following the reporter’s work, and that opening the email won’t be a waste of time. (If you haven’t been following the reporter’s work and you’re not sure the pitch will be relevant to them, take the time to do some more research before sending the pitch). Here are some examples:

  • “Julie – saw report on XYZ, here’s a follow up idea”
  • “Follow up to Wednesday’s story by Julie – source to talk about [insert subject here]


3. Make it clear that the pitch fits the reporter or producer’s “beat,”  area of interest, or coverage specialty. 

For example, I am a reporter for a local news station. If I know before I even open the email that a pitch is local to me and my coverage area, I’m already a tiny bit interested — and I’ll probably open the email to see if the subject matter is the right fit. So if you’re an entrepreneur based in Dallas, make sure when you email local Dallas news outlets that you say that in the subject line! 

This applies to media that’s not regional. Typically, even “general assignment” reporters have a topic or coverage specialty — a subject they cover more in depth or more frequently than others. If you glance at a reporter or producer’s recent pieces, you might notice a theme. Make it clear in your email pitch that whatever you’re pitching will match that theme. Here are some examples:

— Julie, a Dallas-based entrepreneur is changing the game

— Local story for your beat, Julie — entrepreneur’s new technology is improving lives

If you’re new to PR for entrepreneurs, try one of these subject lines and let us know if they work! Want to talk about a publicity campaign for your business? Schedule a call with Guide My Brand today!

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