PR For Entrepreneurs: How Pitch Flexibility Leads To Success

PR For Entrepreneurs: How Pitch Flexibility Leads To Success

As book publicity and public relations experts, we talk a lot about sending the right, personalized pitch to the right person. When pitching podcasts or television producers, another easy way to help you get booked? Flexibility. 

Here’s an example. As a reporter, I recently received a pitch from a publicist about an earthquake hitting the New York City area. The pitch was specifically about maintaining your mental health during/after an unexpected event, like an earthquake. It wasn’t an angle I was interested in.

But, I did happen to be working on a completely different story regarding mental health, and was looking for an expert. 

I replied to the publicist and told her this. I shared the angle of the story I was working on, and asked if her expert could speak to that, instead. She got back to me immediately, letting me know that she’d check on it and get right back to me. 

It turned out, her client could speak to the story I was working on — and we made it happen. 

Your takeaways from this while pitching yourself for author or book publicity?

  1. Write brief, concise pitches that quickly explain your area of expertise
  2. Be willing to pivot when asked — you never know what opportunities it can create!

At Guide My Brand, we get it. We know navigating the PR world can be tough. That’s why we’re here to help, offering practical support and tailored guidance to authors and entrepreneurs alike. Whether you’re just starting out, writing your first book or running a successful business, let’s chat. Book a discovery call today and let’s see how we can help you reach your publicity goals.


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