The #1 PR Publication Strategy Tip

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Do you have in your head that only certain publications are worth pursuing for publicity?

It’s perfectly fine to have a wish list — I even encourage it — but don’t overlook other opportunities just because the publication isn’t Forbes or Inc. or Entrepreneur.

Take, for example, a doctor client we had as a client. She once had three media hits in one week…

First it was SheKnows, then Bustle, then She Finds.

And if you’re thinking – so what, I haven’t even heard of those sites…

You’re being short-sighted!

The following week, Dr. D got calls from a supermodel and from a Shark Tank alum, both of whom said they found her through her media mentions.

So…it doesn’t take the biggest name publications to get your message out there.

It’s important, first and foremost, just to get your message out there and start building your brand. And to recognize that sometimes a mention on a niche site is actually better for your business!

Are there any niche publications on your wish list? Or have you had a hit in a niche publication do wonders for your business? Let’s hear about it!

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Vicky Lynch
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